One month later and never a good time for bad news

It’s been one month since the cath.

Thankfully Marsh is holding his ground for now.

Because Marsh reads his “memories” (as he refers to the blog), I haven’t offered more here.

***When he asks to read this one, this is my stopping point for him***

For the rest of the world, this part is for you:

We all, especially children, know that now is all any of us have. When one lives with a time bomb set to detonate in his heart as Marsh does, time is especially precious. And some matters of the heart are much too deeply embedded for sharing without careful thought.

It took me three weeks to process the findings from the cath. He used to run out of the hospital post cath. This last cath took three weeks for him to even get back 20% of the energy the cath took (plus he was “normal kid” sick which helped nothing.)

And it’s never a good time for bad news.

I apologize for the delay. And can not offer much.

I can offer what Marsh knows. He knows he has a special heart. He knows that it is very, very sick. He knows his special heart has made his lungs sick too.

What began as a one major organ problem has now affected FIVE.

And I know my faith lies in Marsh. I have witnessed the results of good thoughts and prayers. In fact, even Boston had declared time and time again “We don’t know how he has made it this far.”

I do. It is because of the amazing amount of support, good thoughts and prayers sent Marsh’s way.

In a world that needs all of the good it can get, sometimes I feel completely awful to ask for more on behalf of Marsh and his brothers.

But I will anyway.

If you have a thought or prayer to send their way, please do.

Thank you from the bits and pits of my own heart. ❤❤❤❤❤❤

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