Cath 15 Underway Please Pray and/or Send Good Thoughts

Update 1: Marsh is doing ok and lines are in place.

Time to measure.

Update 2: Balloon dilations are complete. They took care of some collaterals.

They will be wrapping up soon… as his nurse just said they are “Rounding 3rd heading home.”

Cath is complete. We are waiting for consult with Dr. Esch (cath doctor.)

We are waiting to see Marsh now. He is still intubated.

The pulmonary veins on the right side of the heart were fine. The left pulmonary veins were problematic with medium stenosis in the left upper and mild narrowing in the left lower.

The Glenn pressures are still extremely high (unit of measurement escapes my memory but it was 15).

is hopeful that with the collaterals closed the BNP will settle down

If we can keep him healthy, the plan is to return for another cath in nine months.

We are waiting to speak with Dr Friedman next.

And hoping beyond hope to see Marsh soon.

Please keep sending good thoughts and prayers ❤️