Surprise additions to the Zoo

We’ve got new babies in the house again!

Isaac is the proud owner of 8 week old brothers. Meet Henry Beans (the kitten Isaac is holding) and Noodle Boo (the kitten Seth is holding).

There’s something to be said about pet therapy in the wake of last week’s news. Our hearts needed this.

Tiny (Marsh’s cat) HATES the kittens…but they are engaging each other through the safety of the bedroom door. 🤞 They figure it out quickly.

P.S. Isaac also only has $36 saved toward the upcoming $1k vet bills. Anyone who wants to lean in on his behalf and start a gofundme or make a deposit to the Isaac Thompson Kitten Fund at Hamilton Animal Hospital is welcome.

Thank you so to my dear friend Lisa for connecting us to the wonderful family who delivered the new boys to our house last night ❤

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